ATC Wearblocks

At ATC GROUP we supply a range of wear protection weld on blocks that allow parts to be welded on in situ without having to take machines offline or off site.

We believe tungsten and tungsten composites are the single best product available to guard against wear protection. However, the simplicity and flexibility of “chocky block” (whiteiron vacuum brazed to mild steel segmented plate) is an option we cater for.

We also custom make whiteiron brazed wear blocks as well as our own range of ATC overlay wear blocks.

ATC WEARBLOCKS are weldable bases of either forged 40Cr steel or BIS ALLOY 500 overlayed with one of our ATC OVERLAY composites.

We also make a variety of standard and heavy duty weld-on tungsten-tiled wearblocks.

These have proven very popular in woodmulching, earthmoving , trenching, drilling and agriculture.