Drilling, Trenching & Tunnelling

Wearparts and components used in the piling, drilling and trenching industries are subjected to huge amounts of wear forces.

At ATC GROUP we supply wearparts and wear protection services to a variety of companies involved in piling & drilling, directional drilling, trenching, boring, and soiltesting.

We stock our own range of drop forged auger teeth, pilots and drives for general purpose drilling and post hole boring.

We have also developed a range of high quality trenching teeth and tungsten tiled trenching teeth for all applications. Using trencher cup teeth that have been coated with ATC OVERLAY will increase tooth life by 3-5 times over other tungsten hardfaced auger cup teeth.

At ATC GROUP we apply tungsten and tungsten composite overlay to pilots, teeth, core barrels and auger flights.

The application of tungsten overlay to the flights of soil testers (as seen above right) consistently produces life expectancy increases of 500-800%.

In fact we believe that due to its highly abrasive, low impact nature, drilling and boring is the industry that achieves the best results from our products and service.

ATC also supplies and refurbishes TBM cutter buckets for a variety of machines. ATC‘s continual refurbishment of TBM cutters for Thiess/John Holland Airport link project in Brisbane saved TJH an estimated $104,000 per month in cutter bucket replacements. TJH management and purchasing also agreed ATC refurbished buckets last 2-3 times longer than genuine parts, due to ATCs attention to detail and understanding the abrasive nature of this project.