Material Handling

ATC GROUP manufactures and tungsten coats a variety of products for material handling in a wide range of industries.

We tungsten coat deflector and rabble blades for the minerals processing industry. These are cast in a variety of material including cast iron, stainless steel and work hardening manganese steel. We can tungsten coat any of these materials. Our custom overlays allow our product to extend wearlife in a range of hot, corrosive, abrasive mediums. As our technical expertise allows us to work with a variety of alloy matrixes we can solve many wear problems faced by industry today.

Spiral flight augers for material handling have been a great success for us. We don’t make the augers, we are supplied the finished part in sections, or complete. We do the coating and send back to your supplier company. We can coat the most complex of parts.

ARM China also manufactures drop forged tungsten tiled conveyer scrapers. Using premium grade tungsten we supply conveyer scrapers to the coal, iron ore and quarrying industries. We forge the scrapers from alloy steel or 316 Stainless Steel.

Similarly, for the brown coal industry we cast high grade drag links and conveyer chain for coal fired power stations.

If you have material handling requirements contact us and we will improve your company’s bottom line.