Screens, Anvils & Wearplates

  • We profile cut and roll screens for all machines.
  • We only use high grade Q&T plate (Bisalloy 400 eq)
  • Where possible we cast screens from high alloy steel. With controlled heat treatment we produce more ductile (less brittle) screens with excellent wear properties. The casting process ensures more accurate dimensions for a better fit.
  • We manufacture all our anvils from Q&T plate (Bisalloy 500 eq) .
  • Our ability to drill such hard steel makes for a far better wearing anvil or cheek plate.
  • Our anvils last considerably longer than those made from the American T1 or T2 plate.
  • Our cheek plates and mill liners are further protected by the application of ATC overlay. Some of our cheeks plates have lasted 10 times longer than OEM wearplates.