Cultivation Equipment

The majority of ATC GROUP’s work in the cultivation / tillage field is the manufacture and supply of cast and forged machine components and wearparts to OEM manufacturers of tillage machines in Australia and Canada.

ATC Group is a world leader in high hardness forging of agricultural points. For male points such as knife points are Keech DDP type points we can safely drop forge to 720-730 BHN (HRC 64-65). Unlike Nihard castings, high hardness drop forgings are tough. Our drop forged minimum till points are more ductile than Nihard points at 650 BHN

We offer a professional OEM supply service with the discretion and integrity that ATC GROUP is known for.

We do not make aftermarket products that would result in any conflicts of interest with our OEM customers.

We can design, manufacture and supply high quality cast and forged components and wearparts right down to grommets, fasteners, logos and even a variety of surface finishes.

We specialise in extending wearlife. We can recommend alloys, processes; hardfacing, surface hardening and a variety of wear extending methods already proven in the field. We can even field test performance through our network of test plots stretching from the wheat belt in W.A. to Central NSW.


For parts we don’t produce for OEM manufacturers we offer a range of after market cast and forged wearparts to suit machines such as Yoemans, Agroplow, Gessener, Keech, Excel, Agpoint and Shearer machines.

Our high quality cast wearparts are made from high quality Nickel Chromolly steel. The steel we use is a high Nickel steel not relying heavily on high carbon levels to achieve hardness. Many companies use high Carbon steel instead of Nickel to reduce production costs at the expense of ductility and durability.

We never compromise quality to reduce costs. If we can’t make it properly we won’t make it.

We can cast parts in Ni-Hard and 27% Chrome alloys. For certain high wear applications Ni-hard is preferred by some growers. The alloys allow the material to be hardened right up to 600 BHN.


At ATC GROUP we custom make a variety of shanks, clamps, couplings, assemblies, chains, augers, scrapers, protectors, guards and fasteners for OEM agricultural companies.

We are more than happy to visit our customers and discuss the areas we can reduce the cost of manufacture and fabrication by casting and forging components.

We are friendly, discreet and knowledgable, and really enjoy working with companies to improve profitability, uniformity and product performance.

ATC Wear Protection

Cultivation by its very nature is abrasive and wearpart expenses unlike commodity prices and rainfall only seem to go one way.

The use of tungsten tiles, overlay, hardfacing wires and rods definitely increases the wearlife of points and implements.

The problem is – at what cost?

  1. Many tungsten overlay companies charge so much your 1st square inch is worth as much as your point.
  2. It wears well but increased drag means you need a dozer to pull your rig. Not to mention fuel costs.
  3. Tiles fall off, break off, crack, splinter and split. When they do stay on, the point washes away everywhere else and the tile is left without a tip to protect.
  4. More often than not you pay for twice the coating that you really need and end up throwing away hard earned dollars.

If you have tried or are using someone else for your wear protection – contact us and we will discuss what you actually need, rather than what makes us the most money.

We will determine:

  1. What your actual wear issues are.
  2. Your environment – whether ATC tiles or ATC overlay or a combination may suit your needs. We consider every aspect ensuring we don’t create too much drag. We generally don’t use tiles in rocky country. When we do, we use a composite that can withstand rock impact.

We will visit if possible. If not us – we have close ties with 1 independent company in each Australian state that is privy to the same methods we use and has access to our castings and forgings at greatly reduced rates. We will give you a free trial of our product – that will work better than our competitors. Read more about ATC wear protection

Read more about ATC wear protection