All Our Fasteners are Grade 8+

At ATC GROUP we have our own range of fasteners to suit the applications and environments that we service.

Our grinder bolts are designed with strength and safety in mind. The bolts we design are all Grade 8+ bolts made by the same foundry that supply some of North America’s and Australia’s largest bolt companies. Our grinder bolts come with an extra thick head to improve wear life and tip fitment. We are often able to supply obscure bolts at a fraction of the price charged by large re-sellers.

We make a variety of custom bolts, fasteners and threaded rod for industry and have made custom bolts and fasteners for mining, earthmoving ,grinding and rail applications.

Our plow bolts are servicing the earthmoving industry nationwide. We have even made specialised “extra TPI plow bolts” for scrapers operating in harsh conditions.  Click here to read more

We make high quality nuts to suit our wide range of bolts.

Standard Grade 8 nuts are available as UNC,UNF, UNS, METRIC and custom.

We also manufacture high quality Grade 8 prevailing torque and cone lock nuts. Our ½” inch cone lock nut is a huge hit with farmers looking to keep knife points on their machines where they belong.

We custom make a variety of mechanical gripping lock washers that have proven to be a huge success in grinding, earthmoving and agriculture. These Grade 8 washers “bite” when fastened and provide that little bit of extra grip that can mean the difference in hard going.