ATC Tiles

When used correctly there is no better wear solution than the use of tungsten carbide tiles, tungsten composite tiles or diamond composite tiles.

Our combination of high grade tiles, high quality European brazing shims and brazing industry professionals have lead to us being recognised as one of Australia’s most consistent and reliable suppliers of quality brazing and brazed wearparts.

As we are not simply an importer of tungsten tiled wearparts we often perform tungsten carbide overlay on wearparts prior to brazing of tungsten carbide tiles. This is performed to reduce secondary wash around or behind the tiles. By overlaying prior to brazing we avoid damaging the integrity of the braze.

Overlayed tips ready for brazing

We currently supply tiles and brazed wearparts to a variety of OEM companies in the woodmulching, agricultural and mining industry.

Call us today and we can discuss whether ATC TILES, tungsten or tungsten composites are suitable for your wear protection needs.