Ground Engaging Wearparts


Mining & Earthmoving

We custom make and source a variety of earthmoving components for all types of machines involved in earthmoving and mining.

  • Teeth
  • Edges
  • Shrouds
  • Side Cutters
  • Push Pads
  • Adapters
  • Blades
  • Pins
  • Weld On Shanks
  • Routers
  • Track Guides
  • Retainers
  • Dredge Teeth
  • End Bits
  • Bogies
  • Fasteners
  • Lip Shrouds

All our wearparts are high quality castings and forgings.

Many of our parts are custom, heavy duty style parts demanded by serious end users. Our custom track guides, routers and shrouds have proven popular with some of the biggest companies in Australia. Our pins, retainers and fasteners are of the highest quality and at a fraction of OEM prices.

We have a custom wing shroud & adapter combo that can be fitted to a variety of machines from loaders to scrapers.

We also make an affordable version of the ESCO Quickwing that not only performs better than the original, it is less than half the price.

We cast and forge wear plates, liners and chain as well as forging grouser bars and links.

Cutting Edges

ATC GROUP imports high quality cutting edges and end bits from a number of highly regarded international edge manufacturers. Our edges generally come from Spain or Italy. We also manufacture custom edges in Australia for specialised applications.

We stock edges and end bits for dozers, scrapers, compactors and loaders. We also stock both high carbon (black) grader blades and high quality heat treated boron steel blades.

Of course we encourage tungsten overlay protection on edges as it is always a worthwhile investment – We guarantee it!!


We drop forge compactor caps, pedestals, scraper bars, pin on scraper tips, cleaner bars and even our own custom heavy duty scraper tip and adapter assemblies to suit 815 and 825 soil compactors.

We make caps to suit CAT 826 and Bomag Landfill Compactors as well as a variety of weld on caps for rollers and excavators.

We supply all edges for compactors. We can also make custom edges if required as well as increasing wearlife 3-7 times by overlaying with our very own ATC* OVERLAY

Our compaction wearparts are the best around, being heavy duty and well-made from high alloy steels. We never sacrifice quality in favour of a cheaper product.

It seems everyone supplies compaction gear these days. We stand by our quality and performance over lighter, cheaper parts and welcome any tests of performance and durability.

Chocky block & weld on wear protection

ATC Group manufactures custom chocky block. We can supply standard mild steel backed whiteiron chocky block or our very own tungsten overlay chocky block as pictured.

Click here to read more about ATC Chocky block and wear protection.