Grinder Inserts – Super Hard Alloys

White Iron & Nihard

We currently manufacture a range of ‘SUPERHARD’ high alloy castings and forgings for a number of industries that do not lend themselves to the use of our ATC products.

Primarily we manufacture ‘SUPERHARD’ forgings for the tyre and plastic grinding industry.Traditionally these industries use locally cast whiteiron wearparts that tend to be expensive and too brittle for the higher impact shredders in use today.

We successfully supply HRC 55 forged inserts for certain high speed applications in the tyre shredding industry for around 30% of the price of sand cast whiteiron parts.

Our work in the sugar industry is ongoing as we attempt to improve tonnages of the traditional vacuum brazed whiteiron inserts.

We have successfully trialled different inserts in the sugar industry. Our research partners are impressed with our progress.

We supply whiteiron, vacuum brazed forged inserts to various mines and quarries around the country.

We cast inserts/hammers/pulverisers for abbatoirs and the pet food industry. We cast these parts from high alloy steel right up to 316 STAINLESS STEEL.

  • We are the most flexible manufacturer of grinder inserts.
  • We develop, trial and manufacture new inserts constantly.
  • We are genuinely thrilled to assist a customer develop their ideas and concepts in the field of grinding.  We have built up a strong working knowledge of cutting and wearparts, and can assist customers with concept, design and manufacture at all levels of development.