Stump Cutter Insert

We are often asked by customers to develop or improve parts that work well but struggle a little in heavy Australian conditions. Our customers require changes that are critical to them, but large overseas suppliers can’t justify changing toolings for what they deem as a small market.

This development is both. The first request we had for this part was to provide an overlay part for high end bark and compost manufacturers overseas who wanted a very specific product.

The second request was from a customer that uses this part for felling and pruning work on a horizontal plate. He required a far more aggressive part, the principle and fitment had to be the same but the actual integrity of the wearpart had to be better.

He also had a simple request – reverse the tile. That is the originals always wore on the bottom of the plate taking the bolt heads off – making them impossible to remove.

We came up with the insert pictured to the right.

He pays less for this ATC GROUP part than he did for the original! High quality forge, high end tile, machined and then brazed in Australia. He also mentioned he was paying too much for the bolts.

We now have 6000 on our shelves!