Forest Mulcher Insert
and Holder Upgrade

The forest mulcher pictured to the right proved too much machine for the genuine German parts this customer was using. The custom machine, designed and built here in Queensland, was a little too powerful for any of the inserts the owner tried. Broken forgings, busted tiles, braze failure and excessive wash were just a few of the problems he faced.

For six months he continued to search for answers until another happy customer gave him our name.

We made an aftermarket insert to suit his existing holders. Using a custom ductile casting we were able to solve the breakage issues immediately. Our brazing facility here ensured our own German tiles stayed where they belonged, and our ATC Overlay process stopped the wash.

As our customer puts it “if it wasn’t for ATC GROUP he wouldn’t be grinding”

Not content with solving these issues, we addressed the scourge of this style of machine “hammer effect…” That is, after the insert strikes hardwood or the like it has a tendency to flick back bashing the support plate of the original style holder. This in turn mushrooms the holder, creating a convex backing plate resulting in inserts snapping off through the tile recess.

We developed the ultimate holder to counter this problem. The insert seats into a machined cavity that does not allow it to slip forward when it gets a hit. This has stopped the issue of “hammering” completely.

The unexpected benefit is that by holding the insert completely still our customer estimates a 30% increase in actual wearlife as well as never having to change out broken inserts.

Lets face it – less breakages and better wear life mean less stoppages, less wearparts & more mulch on the ground. In an industry that can be as hard on bottom lines as it is on equipment – this is critical!