Grinder Inserts – ATC Tiles

For ultimate wearlife and improved production in low contaminant sites, ATC tiled inserts can out perform standard overlay inserts many times over.

High quality tungsten and tungsten composite tiles are induction brazed on to drop forged, machined blanks:

  • We use only the best tiles available. All of our forest mulching tiles come direct out of Germany’s premium tile suppliers.
  • All our brazing is done right here in Australia.
  • Before brazing we ATC overlay the areas on the insert that are subject to secondary wash. This way the overlay process does not affect the integrity of the braze.
  • We have ATC tiled inserts for all machines and have improved existing tiled parts by using large, more aggressive tiles that really cut into heavy timber.
  • We have previously customised inserts for machines that were a little underpowered for certain applications, and found good insert design can enable machines to punch above their weight class.